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Abstract: Oil Development in the Structurally Complex West Bayan Field, Offshore Sarawak, East Malaysia

Ton Ten Have, Rostam Abbas, Andria Dundang

The West Bayan structure at the prospective level is a complex east-northeast-west-southwest-striking asymmetrical anticline, dissected by mainly south-hading normal faults of varying throw. The faults are considered to have a component of strike-slip movement, which results in rapid variability of the apparent fault throw along strike. Structurally, the West Bayan can be divided into four

main fault blocks. Hydrocarbons are present in a stacked series of mainly lower coastal plain deposits. This paper focuses on the S3.8, a major reservoir within the middle Miocene accumulations.

The initial development of the S3.8 reservoir commenced in early 1984 with the drilling of four wells in Block 1. Three-dimensional seismic data were acquired over Bayan in 1986, and interpretation led to some changes in structural configuration. In 1989, five more development wells were drilled from a second drilling structure and completed on the S3.8 reservoir in Block 4.

A seismic/geological and reservoir performance study was conducted on the S3.8 reservoir in West Bayan with objectives to (1) explain the observed production behavior, (2) reassess recovery expectations, and (3) identify further development of the reservoir. This paper addresses the results of the study.

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