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Abstract: Geology of the Merit-Pila Coal Basin, Sarawak, Malaysia

Dorani Johari, Mohamad Faisal Abdullah

This poster presentation focuses on the Tertiary Merit-Pila coal basin located in central Sarawak, Malaysia, with emphasis on the geology of the basin. The presentation will include (1) a map of the Tertiary coal basins of Malaysia, and (2) explanations on the geology of Merit-Pila coal basin by means of (a) a geological map, (b) geological sections, (c) a lithostratigraphic section of a typical area of the coal basin, (d) rock and coal samples from the basin, and (e) a figure describing the geological concept of the development of the coal basin.

The poster session is designed to give a general picture of a typical Tertiary coal basin of Malaysia. The Merit-Pila coal basin is the best known coal basin and hosts more than 300 million MT of coal, the largest known coal resource in the country.

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