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Abstract: Tectonic Evolution of the Offshore Sarawak and Sabah Basins, Northwest Borneo

Hans Hazebroek, Denis Tan, Peter Swinburn

Stratigraphically, these provinces generally become younger toward the northwest and/or northeast, with the older provinces overlying unconformably the Paleogene Rajang Group deep-marine sediments in the south. There is a great variation in structural styles. However, general structural trends can be recognized in that the older provinces in the southeast, e.g., Balingian, updip part of Baram delta, Rajang Group fold and thrust belt, inboard belt, and outboard belt, have been subjected to strong compressional tectonics, whereas the younger provinces in the northwest, e.g., central Luconia, north Luconia, southwest Luconia, and the central part of the Baram delta, have undergone predominantly extensional tectonics.

The tectonic evolution of these provinces from late Eocene to Holocene, relative to the postulated subduction zones and major tectonic lineations recognized in the region, will be discussed.

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