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Abstract: Subsurface Planktonic Zonation of the Paleogene of Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast and Their Relationship to Relative Changes of Coastal Onlap

Rashel N. Rosen, Bruce E. Bowen, Kenneth J. Thies

Paleogene Gulf Coast plain benthic zonation based on outcrop and subsurface studies has served as a means of correlation to industry since the late 1920s. We propose a planktonic zonation for the Paleogene and discuss its relationship to the benthic assemblages, formations, and eustatic sea level variations.

Twenty-two planktonic datums are recognized; their highest occurrences and relationship to the condensed sections in the maximum flooding surfaces and systems tracts are documented. This documentation is based on analyses of over 400 wells and over 500 mi of high-resolution seismic lines in the Wilcox-Yegua-Hackberry trends, ranging from south Texas to central Louisiana.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90983©1994 GCAGS and Gulf Coast SEPM 44th Annual Meeting, Austin, Texas, October 6-7, 1994