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Abstract: Chaotic Basin Fluid Migration Pattern and Timing Arising from Diagenetic Reaction-Transport-Mechanical (RTM) Processes' Dependence on Sedimentation History

Anthony Park, Miles Maxwell, Jun Mu, Peter Ortoleva

Chaos and Previous HitnonlinearNext Hit resonance phenomena can occur in reaction-transport systems. A sedimentary basin undergoing diagenetic reaction-transport and mechanical (RTM) processes is evaluated for this standpoint. When conditions (sedimentation rate, sediment texture and composition, subsidence rate, and thermal constraints) are constant a basin can undergo oscillatory fluid release associated with a hydrofracture generation and healing cycle during active burial. When this Previous HitnonlinearNext Hit oscillation is perturbed periodically by cyclic variations in sedimentation rate and sediment composition and texture the hydrofracturing and healing cycle can take on a subharmonic resonance and chaotic pattern.

Computer simulations have been carried out for 1- and 2-dimensional generic basins with simple and complex sedimentation histories. It will be shown that the timing of fracturing and healing cycle, associated fluid migration, and duration of significant fluid flow depends strongly on externally imposed periodic patterns in sedimentation rate and sediment properties. It will also be shown that the Previous HitnonlinearTop dynamics of the basin RTM system has the potential to exhibit autonomous periodicity and chaotic patterns on the hydrofraturing and healing cycle.

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