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BOCANEGRA, DAVID, Maxus Exploration Company, Amarillo, TX

ABSTRACT: Prediction of Upper Morrow Sandstone Thickness in Lipscomb County, Texas, Through Analysis of Seismic Amplitudes

Upper Morrow Sandstone reservoirs can be prolific hydrocarbon producers when encountered, but predicting their presence and thickness with well data alone commonly is difficult. Seismic lines acquired in central Lipscomb County, Texas, have been analyzed and the thickness of the upper Morrow Sandstone has been predicted by amplitude analysis.

The first step in this analysis is to extract a statistically derived wavelet from zero-phase seismic data over the interval of interest. A standard tuning model is constructed and convolved with this wavelet to determine the resolution and tuning thickness of these data. The upper Morrow Sandstone in this area was determined as too thin for the seismic data to resolve the upper and lower boundaries of the sand bodies. However, due to tuning effects, the thickness of the sand unit controls the combined seismic amplitude, which results from the interference of the upper and lower boundaries of the unit. This combined amplitude is calibrated between wells and allows one to predict the thickness of the upper Morrow Sandstone along the seismic line.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90991©1993 AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting, Amarillo, Texas, October 10-12, 1993.