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ERB, JAMES E., Pennsylvania Dept. Environmental Resources, Harrisburg, PA

ABSTRACT: Recent Changes to State E & P Previous HitWasteNext Hit Previous HitManagementNext Hit Programs

Over the past ten years, an increasing amount of public attention has been focused on the Previous HitmanagementNext Hit of oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) wastes. This has resulted in closer overview of E&P Previous HitwasteNext Hit Previous HitmanagementNext Hit practices by state and federal regulatory agencies. Many oil and gas producing states across the country have strengthened. their regulatory prograins by providing increased resources and regulatory authorities to both oil and gas and environmental agencies.

In 1989, the Interstate Oil Compact Commission, now the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC), formed a Council on Regulatory Needs to assist the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in its work with states in encouraging improvements in E&P Previous HitwasteNext Hit regulations and enforcement. In 1990, the Council completed guidelines which contain minimum elements of an effective E&P Previous HitwasteNext Hit Previous HitmanagementNext Hit regulatory program. Since 1991, the IOGCC has been conducting state program reviews and working with states to upgrade regulatory programs through training and data Previous HitmanagementNext Hit projects.

This paper summarizes the state program review, training, and data Previous HitmanagementNext Hit projects of the IOGCC. It also summarizes a recent IOGCC review of regulatory improvements and resource increases for E&P Previous HitwasteNext Hit Previous HitmanagementNext Hit programs over the past ten years in a number of member states. And finally, it reviews recent regulatory changes and research initiatives in Pennsylvania which reflect the types of changes being seen in state E&P Previous HitwasteNext Hit Previous HitmanagementTop programs across the nation.

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