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RAMIREZ de ARELLANO, R., L. van BOMMEL, F. RIART, and J. GIL, Exxon, Caracas, Venezuela

ABSTRACT: 3D Seismic Interpretation-Norte de Paria, Offshore Eastern Venezuela

During 1991 a 1600 sq km 3D seismic survey was acquired for the Cristobal Colon Project, a joint venture of Lagoven (33%), Shell (30%), Exxon (29%) and Mitsubishi (8%). The objective is to evaluate the volumes of gas in the Mejillones, Patao, Dragon, and Rio Caribe gas fields, located north of the Paria Peninsula in offshore eastern Venezuela, in order to establish the viability of an LNG project.

This paper summarizes the methodology and results of the interpretation of the 3D survey and its implications for understanding the regional geology and the hydrocarbon accumulations. The depositional geometry and continuity of the reservoir units has been analyzed using the amplitude response of the gas-bearing reservoirs. In combination with sequence stratigraphic concepts, the depositional environment of specific reservoir units can be interpreted and placed within the context of a geological basin model. The value of this approach for development planning will be discussed.

In addition, the paper will summarize the use of various geophysical techniques to delineate reservoirs and to determine petrophysical properties within these complex fields. Seismic inversion, forward modeling, and AVO studies have been evaluated. The relative merits of each will be discussed.

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