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JOSEPH, PHILIPPE, Institut Francais du PEtrole, Rueil Malmaison, France, LIN YING HU, Ecole des Mines, Fontainebleau, France, OLIVIER DUBRULE, Elf-Aquitaine, Pau, France, PHILIPPE CRUMEYROLLE, Total, St Remy-les-Chevreuses, France, DOMINIQUE CLAUDE, Elf-Aquitaine, Pau, France, and JEAN-LOUIS LESUEUR, Elf-Aquitaine, Pau, France

ABSTRACT: The Roda Deltaic Complex (Spain): 3D Geological Modeling and Stochastic Simulation Using Sedimentological Concepts

The study of the Eocene Roda sandstones is aimed at using outcrop data to calibrate quantitative reservoir characterization techniques. The first step consists of building a 3D geological model of the deltaic sandbodies using the complete data set (70 outcrop sections and 7 well logs). It provides a better understanding of the architecture and build-up pattern of such a hypothetical deltaic reservoir. In a second step, a new approach has been developed for reconstructing the sedimentary bodies from a very limited amount of well data. This approach involves both genetic (or process-based) and stochastic aspects. The genetic part takes into account sedimentological concepts, in order to make realistic simulations of the sandbody geometry: a deltaic sandbody is considered as a group of s acked sandbars, which are built by progradation of sandy foresets. The sedimentation of each sandbar is simulated using some basic principles of sequence stratigraphy (upstream to downstream filling-up of the available space for instance...). The stochastic part introduces some variability in the simulation process and enables the fit of the simulations to the well data. This approach has been tested and validated on the Roda sandstones by comparing the simulations using only three wells to the 3D geological model obtained previously.

(This poster deals with the results of a long-term reservoir research project shared between Elf-Aquitaine, Total and l.F.P. with a financial support of the E.E.C.)

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