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GRATEROL, VICTOR, and CARLOS COBOS, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela

ABSTRACT: Gravity and Magnetic Interpretation Guarumen, Tinaco El Pao Region, Guarico-Cojedes, Venezuela

A compilation of the existing gravity and magnetic surveys of the Tinaco-El Pao Region in north-central Venezuela was completed at the end of winter 1991 by Prof. Victor Graterol of the Simon Bolivar University. This report discusses the interpretation of the acquired data.

The objective of this report is to outline the structural configuration of the Guarumen basin in the selected region and to locate structural highs in the crystalline basement that can produce structural traps in the autochthonous Cretaceous-Oligocene Formations above it which could be conducive to accumulation of economic hydrocarbon deposits.

This report discusses the gravity and magnetic residual maps, their calculation, and use in the qualitative and quantitative aspects of this interpretation.

The principal results of the interpretation are presented in the structural interpreted map, the depth map showing the top of the crystalline basement and the Geological Sections developed based on forward and inverse modeling.

One area is recommended for seismic follow-up exploration. The area is located east-southeast of El Pao in the north-central section of the selected area where a thickness of 2 to 4 kilometers of the post Cretacic autochthonous sedimentary sequence has been interpreted. Positive residual gravity anomalies that are indicative of structural rises in the top of the basement can be responsible for anticlinal type structures in the Cretaceous-Eocene section above it. Ten seismic lines are recommended for a detailed study.

At this time very little knowledge exists about depth control for the crystalline basement and the top of the Cretacic formations. As new seismic and well data becomes available this survey can be reinterpreted incorporating the new information.

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