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ABSTRACT: Wheeler Ridge Field -- A Revitalized Previous HitOilNext Hit Field

LIN, JOSEPH T. C., and J. M. ANDERSON, ARCO Previous HitOilNext Hit and Previous HitGasNext Hit Company, Bakersfield, CA

Wheeler Ridge field is a 1922 discovery located in the south end of the San Joaquin Valley. The field produces from 10 different reservoir sandstones ranging from the upper Miocene Santa Margarita Sandstone to the middle Eocene Metralla Sandstone. The cumulative production for the field is 58 MMBO and 90 BCFG, and current production rates are 750 BOPD and 2.5 MMCFGD.

The field is a 3 x 1-mi elongated anticline created by the superposition of the Pleito fold-and-thrust belt atop of preexisting basement structures. The reservoir sandstones were deposited in a fluvial to deep-water channel setting. Anticline is the main trapping mechanism; however, some reservoirs are stratigraphically controlled.

Due to the complex structural setting, this field has been extended by finding additional reservoirs through the years, including a 1989 Previous HitgasNext Hit and condensate discovery in the Oligocene section. The subsequent successful recompletion and extension program has turned this marginal Previous HitoilNext Hit field into a very profitable operation. The success is attributed to the full integration of new and old geologic and engineering data, along with a comprehensive regional mapping and structural evaluation.


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