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ABSTRACT: Seismic Data is a Vector

GASSAWAY, GARY, Terra Linda Group Inc., San Anselmo, CA

As we rewrite the seismic data processing and interpretation programs to account for the true vector nature of the seismic data, we are able to extract more types of data and see further into the background noise. Examples of the extra types of data have been published by many authors: Amplitude vs. Offset (AVO) Technology and Shear Wave Splitting. Since others are covering the other types of data such as splitting shear waves and AVO, this paper will discuss the enhanced ability to define and extract seismic signals using patented vector processing technology.

Seismic processing in a vector mode leads to the following conclusions: (1) seismic information (extractable by cross-correlation or semblance type analysis) is carried in the direction cosines not in either the vector or the component (i.e., vertical) amplitudes. (2) By vector bandpass filtering seismic data, the signal-to-random-noise ratios can be improved by at least 12 db (a factor of four) over conventional scalar processing.


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