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ABSTRACT: Geological Greens--Leaders of Development

BUTLER, W. H., Dinara Pty. Ltd.

In today's environmentally aware society, petroleum exploration is hedged by legislation and industry codes. Such requirements have arisen from past activities of geological exploration and development.

Historic negative aspects, such as cut seismic lines through deserts, have been widely noted and adversely commented on by dedicated opponents of development in remote areas.

Although these opponents have neglected the positive aspects of such historic developments, industry has embodied such into codes which in turn have passed into legislative requirement.

The twin concepts of environmental protection and multiple land use have always been an integral part of the base ethic of petroleum geologists, usually called "good housekeeping."

As community awareness has developed, so changing techniques to resolve outstanding problem areas have been evolved by industry. It is rare that the new techniques come from external sources.

The changing social environment has caused the petroleum industry to mirror such changes in its activities and actions. Thus, today, integrating protection of the environment through all activities; observance of laws and legislative requirements; setting and maintaining appropriate standards; undertaking workforce training and environmental issues; active cooperation with government and community; and support of relevant research into environmental issues, especially rehabilitation of utilized areas, are an inherent part of the petroleum industry.

The increasing use of environmental compliance audits and the resultant modification of programs to obviate perceived shortfalls clearly indicates that the future of the petroleum industry will be even more environmentally conscious. Nevertheless, the industry will continue as a base energy source for forthcoming generations.


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