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ABSTRACT: Microtextures in an Appalachian Metachert Formation, Alabama

KING, DAVID T., JR., Department of Geology, Auburn University, AL, and WALTER D. KELLER, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Missouri, Columbia, MS

The Jemison Chert shows two contrasting polygonal triple-point (p t-p) quartz microtextures that developed in contrasting stress environments in a single regional metamorphic terrain. One of these, an isotropic (or uniform) p t-p texture is the probable result of annealing (i.e., temperature-dependent) recrystallization, whereas the other, an anisotropic (or foliated) p t-p texture is strain-driven recrystallization developed during synmetamorphic to early postpeak metamorphic deformation along a major thrust-fault system. Our interpretations are supported by experimental work which assessed the effects of strain rate and temperature on quartz-crystal growth.


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