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ABSTRACT: Heterogeneity of Upper Mississippian Sandstone Reservoirs at Storms Consolidated Field, White County, Illinois

LEETARU, HANNES E., and RICHARD J. RICE, Illinois State Geological Survey, Champaign, IL

The geology and petrophysics of sandstone petroleum reservoirs in the Cypress, Bethel, and Aux Vases Formations at Storms Consolidated field, White County, Illinois have been analyzed. Whereas these Mississippian reservoirs have minor structural components, they are primarily stratigraphically controlled. All of the reservoirs contain lenticular sand bodies greater than 30 ft thick that, within 660 ft, grade laterally into siltstone or shale. The Bethel sandstone reservoir also can grade into limestone. The Bethel is the poorest producer of the three; the poor quality of its reservoir is apparently due to calcite filling of porosity. The lateral geometry of these reservoirs, which probably reflects their deposition in a near-shore marine environment, can be predicted. Knowledge of res rvoir heterogeneity will enhance recovery efficiency of infill drilling and water flooding efforts by increasing the ability to predict areas with best reservoirs.


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