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ABSTRACT: Aeromagnetic Confirmation of Geologic Structure in the Rough Creek Graben Region, Western Kentucky

HOWE, JAMES R., Consultant, Boulder, CO, THOMAS L. THOMPSON, Thompson's Geo Discovery, Inc., Boulder, CO, and S. PARKER GAY, Applied Geophysics, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT

Faults in the Precambrian basement of the Rough Creek graben region have impressively controlled the geologic structure of the overlying sedimentary sequence throughout the region's structural history. Basement faults, identified through high resolution residual aeromagnetic mapping, correlate very well with mapped surface and subsurface structure. Aeromagnetic mapping significantly aids the interpretation of basement involved structure in the Rough Creek graben region by providing better understanding and downward and lateral projection of known faults, support for suspected faults, inference of previously unrecognized faults, and qualitative indication of depth to magnetic basement. Knowledge of the basement fault pattern of the Rough Creek graben region, when considered in the cont xt of assumed regional tectonic movements, allows the prediction of specific fault reactivation, timing, and sense of displacement.


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