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ABSTRACT: Victory Field Study, Haskell County, Kansas-An Interdisciplinary Reservoir Characterization

GUY, WILLIARD J., and LYNN W. WATNEY, Kansas Geological Survey, Lawrence, KS

The Victory field was discovered in 1960 based upon subsurface geology. It presently consists of 93 oil and gas wells that produce from multiple horizons from the Permian (4000+ ft) to the Mississippian (5300+ ft). Cumulative oil and gas production is 10.7 million barrels and 33.6 billion ft3, respectively. The Victory field is located south of, and along, a gentle south plunging anticline in the western Hugoton embayment of Kansas.

The main pays in Victory field are a succession of bioclastic and oolitic carbonate grainstones in the Upper Pennsylvanian (Missourian) Lansing-Kansas City groups at depths between 4100 and 4700 ft. Reservoir quality and distribution are highly variable with the bioclastic grainstones most widespread. Oolitic zones are typified by very erratic moldic, vuggy, and interparticle porosity. The Lansing-Kansas City reservoirs occur in a series of generally upward shallowing carbonate depositional sequences, each sequence characterized by a vertical succession of four genetic units common to the carbonate platform.

The entrapment and accumulation of hydrocarbon in Victory field is complicated by the combined influence of many subtle depositional, structural, and diagenetic factors. For example, parasequence-scale units compartmentalize reservoirs and impact diagenetic changes and resultant porosity development. Other heterogeneity results from the depositional facies mosaic. Furthermore, the hydrocarbon charging of these stacked discontinuous reservoirs appears to be a significant factor leading to varied hydrocarbon saturations throughout the field.

Charging inefficiency is thought to be due to very gentle structural dips with little or no structural closure, and thin oil and gas columns coupled with erratic effective porosity distribution exhibiting differential capillarity.


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