--> Abstract: Correlation Cross Sections Along the International Border, by C. D. Martiniuk, J. A. Le Fever, and S. B. Anderson; #91010 (1991)

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Correlation Cross Sections Along the International Border

MARTINIUK, CAROL D., Manitoba Energy and Mines, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and JULIE A. LE FEVER and SIDNEY B. ANDERSON, North Dakota Geological Survey, Grand Forks, ND

The Manitoba-North Dakota (Canada-United States) stratigraphic correlation project is a joint study between the Petroleum Branch of Manitoba Energy and Mines and the North Dakota Geological Survey. It is an attempt to correlate the differing stratigraphic terminologies established in the two jurisdictions by providing a reference cross section across the international boundary.

The study involves the subsurface correlation of logs of the Paleozoic and Mesozoic sequences in the Manitoba and North Dakota portions of the Williston basin. The Paleozoic and Mesozoic sequences are subdivided for presentation into the following stratigraphic intervals: (a) Cambrian-Ordovician-Silurian, (b) Devonian, (c) Mississippian, (d) Jurassic, and (e) Cretaceous. Wireline logs show the actual stratigraphic correlations. A nomenclature chart is also presented for each sequence. In addition, the sections include a generalized description of lithologies, thicknesses, environments of deposition, and petroleum potential for each geographic area.


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