--> --> Abstract: Old Geologists, Old Fields, New Ideas, New Techniques--New Reserves, by W. M. Borg and J. R. Wilson; #91008 (1991)

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Old Geologists, Old Fields, New Ideas, New Techniques--New Reserves

BORG, W. MARTIN, Independent, Tulsa, OK, and JOHN R. WILSON,* Independent, Tulsa, OK

The recent discovery of Viola production on the flank of the Lucien field has focused attention to the presence of fractured reservoirs on the flank of old producing structures along the Nemaha Ridge and elsewhere in Oklahoma.

Recognizing that many of these old fields have not been published in any detail, the authors have begun a series of field studies, concentrating on fields that were discovered before mid-1950. In order to do this job as quickly and economically as possible, computer technology is being employed. Databases have been purchased from services such as GDS. Computers have been employed to create a series of structure and isopach maps. The use of computers has made it possible to quickly develop second-derivative structure maps which indicate those areas most prone to fracturing. The authors then suggest that the development of these fractured reservoirs could best be accomplished by horizontal drilling.

For those "old" geologists who are intimidated by computers or don't care to become computer experts, the availability of published databases and computer mapping services lets the geologist combine his experience and knowledge with new technology in the development of prospects and new reserves.

A series of field studies will be presented as time permits.


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