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Past Operations, Results, and Prospects of Future Petroleum Explorations in the SE Pannonian Basin

SARKOVIC, MIODRAG, and SRBOLJUB STANKOVIC, Nafta-Gas, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia

The long history of petroleum operations in the southeastern area of the Pannonian basin (eastern Yugoslavia) relates of successful explorations using state-of-art tools in geology, geophysics, and geochemistry, as well as in deep drilling. The paper will discuss chronologically

past explorations and problems encountered in its specific stages.

A comprehensive petroleum geological overview will highlight the most important features of the 30,000-km2 exploration area, including issues such as oil and gas origin, occurrence of source, reservoir, and cap rocks, hydrocarbon migration and accumulation, etc.

Particular attention will be devoted to the description of the applied exploration techniques and results obtained on this very interesting hydrocarbon-bearing area.

Due space will be given to the application of the recent developments for assessing the potential of the deep buried, comparatively unknown targets situated in extremely complex environments under adverse temperature and pressure conditions.


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