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Delineation of Gulf of Mexico Miocene Reservoirs with 3-D Seismic Data

WELLBORN, JEWEL E., Conoco Inc., Houston, TX, and ALISTAIR R. BROWN, Consulting Reservoir Geophysicist, Dallas, TX

Seismic amplitude anomalies associated with Miocene plays in the Mobile area, offshore Alabama, are well documented and well drilled. Three-dimensional seismic data permit a much better understanding of these sandstone reservoirs than the 2-D data available over most prospects.

In this paper Digicon's Mobile Phase I 3-D data have been studied and the extent of two hydrocarbon-bearing sand bodies recognized on both vertical and horizontal sections. The first example shows a sand body interpreted as an offshore bar. The second shows a more complex reservoir geometry and is interpreted as a deltaic fan deposit. Both reservoirs are stratigraphically controlled. Horizon slices were constructed for each reservoir by amplitude extraction using Conoco's interactive interpretation system. The resultant contours defined the areal extent of the reservoirs. After successful gas wells were drilled into both features, pay thicknesses and reserve calculations were made by integrating the amplitudes on the horizon slices and the well information in preparation for productio .


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