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Cretaceous and Tertiary Palynology Used in the Geological Understanding of the Maturn Sub-Basin, Venezuela

PAREDES, IRAIDA, and ARMANDO FASOLA, Intevep, S.A., Caracas, Venezuela

The use of palynology and micropaleontology, two biostratigraphic tools used at Intevep, S.A., have been of great help in the geological understanding during studies done on cores of the Maturn subbasin, a foreland type basin in Eastern Venezuela.

Basically, the palynological work consisted of palynological and Previous HitpalynofaciesNext Hit Previous HitanalysisNext Hit used to determine ages and to interpret the paleoenvironments of deposition in comparison with the interpretations obtained through sedimentological and micropaleontological studies.

Palynomorph assemblages and Previous HitpalynofaciesTop are shown for the quiescent Late Cretaceous, for the Tertiary in sequences that are not exactly dated and probably represent the first compressive movements in the basin, and for the Oligocene.

In general, in these sequences it was possible to determine marine environments varying from near-shore to inner neritic, and also subaereal paleosols in the Cretaceous.

The work highlights the importance of multidisciplinary studies in order to obtain interpretations more in accordance with reality.


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