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Reinterpretation of the Eastern Platform-to-Basin Facies Transition, Winnipegosis Formation, North-Central North Dakota

HARRIS, WAYNE, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO

Previous interpretations of the eastern platform-to-basin facies transition of the Winnipegosis Formation in north-central North Dakota were part of more extensive, regional studies of the Middle Devonian Elk Point basin sediments (Jones, 1965; Holter, 1969; Ehrets and Kissling, 1987). These studies apparently did not take into account (1) the known spatial distribution of wells penetrating the Ratner Member of the Winnipegosis Formation, which is diagnostic of basinal environments, versus the distribution of known basinal Winnipegosis carbonate buildups; and (2) the control of structural movement along the north-south trending Precambrian Churchill-Superior Boundary on Winnipegosis sedimentation, particularly the eastern platform-to-basin facies transition and basinal carbonate build ps of the Winnipegosis Formation. As a result, the location and configuration of the eastern platform-to-basin facies transition was misinterpreted to be along a north-south trending series of basinal carbonate buildups along the Glenburn-Wiley trend, 20-25 mi west of the present interpretation.


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