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Mississippi Canyon 194, Gulf of Mexico: Development Case History/Engineering Summary

CIASTON, J. W., Shell Offshore, Inc., New Orleans, LA

Mississippi Canyon 194 is located 12 mi southeast of the mouth of the Mississippi River in 1024 ft of water. The field was originally developed by 61 wells drilled from 1978-1981. A 20-well redevelopment program was executed during 1989-1990. Cumulative production is 120 MMBO and 220 bcf.

Engineering studies have been fully integrated into the field development effort with focus on the following five aspects of the development program:1. Revision of initial petrophysical evaluation procedures to improve consistency between volumetric estimates and early reservoir performance. The new methods were derived from comprehensive integration of core analyses with wireline log data.2. Evaluation of areal and vertical sweep in the "I" Sand Reservoir A waterflood. Results suggested several redevelopment program locations directed at improving flood recovery.3. Recognition of commercial potential in zones characterized by poorer SP/gamma ray and resistivity response.4. Recorrelation of the "K" Sand Reservoir BC, initially defined as a single producing unit, into five layers that re now believed to be draining somewhat independently. Incorporation of the new correlation into the completion strategy has resulted in improved recovery.5. Further studies are planned to predict reservoir compaction attributable to hydrocarbon production.


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