--> ABSTRACT: GEODES: An Interactive, SCAT-Based Program for Complete Structural Interpretation of Dip Data, by James D. Morse, David A. Goldberg; #91002 (1990).

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ABSTRACT: GEODES: An Interactive, SCAT-Based Program for Complete Structural Interpretation of Dip Data

James D. Morse, David A. Goldberg

GEODES, an interactive program for structural interpretation of dip data, incorporates SCAT, which computes apparent dips parallel (L component) and perpendicular (T component) to the structural axis and plots these components separately against depth. These steps are advantageous because interpreters can fit trend lines to the plots, sample the trend lines at a convenient depth interval, and transfer the resulting, statistically smoothed samples to T and L sections in the form of apparent-dip barbs. From the geometries of the trend lines, interpreters can infer the locations of special points (e.g., crest, trough, hinge, inflection). These, along with the apparent-dip barbs, guide interpreters in completing the sections.

GEODES greatly expedites these tasks. GEODES automatically fits trend lines to the T and L plots, samples the trend lines, and posts apparent-dip barbs on the sections. GEODES assists interpreters in locating special points and automatically posts them on the sections. Once interpreters specify fault and unconformity trajectories, GEODES automatically draws horizons consistent with the apparent-dip barbs, special points, faults, and unconformities. Interpreters control the structural style GEODES uses in computing these horizons. GEODES offers parallel style (in which thickness measured normal to bedding is constant), similar style (thickness measured parallel to the hinge is constant), and styles falling between parallel and similar (i.e., intermediate styles), as well as styles fall ng outside this range. Thus, GEODES permits the rapid examination of the entire spectrum of structural solutions consistent with a given set of dip data.

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