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ABSTRACT: Stockholm Northwest Extension: Previous HitEffectiveNext Hit Integration of Geochemical, Geological, and Seismic Data

Bruce J. Moriarty

The Lower Pennsylvanian Morrow Sandstones of southeast Colorado and western Kansas have proven to be one of the most attractive exploration opportunities in the United States for the 1990s. The principal drawback of the play to date has been a low discovery ratio in wildcat drilling. Previous HitEffectiveTop integration of geochemical techniques with seismic and geological data can minimize the problems associated with exploration for Morrow Sandstones. Soil gas, radiometric, geological, and seismic data from the discovery of the Stockholm Northwest Extension are presented as a model for future Morrow exploration. This study is of particular interest because the radiometric, soil gas, and seismic surveys were completed prior to the discovery. The soil gas maps presented are unmodified f om the originals. This paper will expand upon the seismic data presented by the author in the 1990 RMAG Guidebook.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #91002©1990 AAPG Rocky Mountain Section Meeting, Denver, Colorado, September 16-19, 1990