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ABSTRACT: A Computer-Assisted Geologic Worksheet: Input, Comparison, Analysis, and Presentation of Rock, Log, Engineering, and Geochemical Data

Scott W. Tinker, Robert M. Romero

Graphical and analytical integration of core, digitized log, engineering, and geochemical data can be achieved by the use of a computer-assisted geologic worksheet (GWS). Cross-discipline data analysis and comparison adds significant power to the interpretation of rock information. The GWS will prove useful in studies ranging from detailed reservoir modeling to regional exploration synthesis.

This presentation reports on a GWS, written in SAS (statistical analysis software) that (1) allows the geologist to customize the core description format and content at the beginning of a project; (2) allows data input, during core description or from hand-described sheets, directly on a microcomputer (laptop or desktop), workstation, or mainframe terminal; (3) provides standardized, central, accessible data storage on a floppy disk, hard disk, or mainframe; (4) provides high-quality color graphic output of the worksheet and other plots; (5) allows single or multiwell visual comparisons of user-selected data and statistical analysis of rock, log, engineering, and geochemical data; and (6) allows for future modification or additions to the worksheet form.

Traditionally, hand description of core has been text and graphic oriented. Description styles, format, and content vary by geologist and by project. As a result of this input variability, comparison of core description data to logs, other cored wells, and engineering or geochemical data is often qualitative and tedious. Quantitative analysis of core description data is typically simple and limited in scope.

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