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ABSTRACT: Drilling and Production Aspects of Horizontal Wells in the Austin Chalk

B. A. Sheikholeslami, B. W. Schlottman, F. A. Siedel, D. M. Button

Since 1984, Amoco has pursued horizontal completions within the Burleson, Lee, and Fayette county areas of the Austin Chalk trend in central Texas. To date, two different drilling methods have been used to drill ten horizontal wells, which have been successfully completed and are presently producing. With use of both the short- and medium-radius drilling methods, significant cost reductions were realized and well performance was defined and optimized during the program. The program's overall success was directly attributable to the cooperative efforts of a team of drillers, reservoir engineers, and geologists.

The drilling methods used by Amoco and the results of horizontal drilling in the Austin Chalk give production data that compare horizontal well performance against offset vertical well performance, which in this program resulted in horizontal/vertical well production ratios of 2.5 to 7. In addition, a significant relationship between length of horizontal well bore and production ratios was observed.

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