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ABSTRACT: Tectonic and Sedimentary Evolution of the Luna Field Area, Italy

Marco Roveri

The Luna gas field is locatednear Crotone (Calabria region, southern Italy) in a shallow-water/onshore area. It was discovered and put into production during the early 1970s. Up to now it has produced 19 × 109 sm3 of gas; its productivity (50 × 106 sm3/y) has remained virtually unaltered since the beginning.

The field is located on the axial culmination of a thrust-related anticline of the Apennine postcollisional thrust belt; it can be roughly subdivided into two areas characterized by different stratigraphic contexts.

In the northern and central parts of the field is a structural trap. Reservoir rocks are Serravallian to Tortonian deep marine resedimented conglomerates and sandstones. These deposits represent part of the infill of a middle-upper Miocene foredeep. Reservoir rocks are now thrusted, eroded, and unconformably overlain by lower Pliocene shales, which are the most important seal in this part of the field.

In the southern part of the field is a combination trap. Reservoir rocks are upper Tortonian shallow-water sandstones. They lap onto a Tortonian unconformity related to a tectonic phase which split the previous foredeep into minor piggyback basins. The upper Tortonian sandstones are overlain and sealed by Messinian shales and evaporites.

Tectonosedimentary evolution of the area and, consequently, areal distribution and geometry of sedimentary bodies--both potential reservoirs and seals--have been reconstructed using a sequence stratigraphy approach. The sedimentary record has been informally subdivided into five main depositional sequences bounded by unconformities or their correlative conformities; classic facies analysis and petrophysical, seismic, and biostratigraphic data have been utilized to define the internal characteristics of each sequence. This approach proved to be a powerful tool for an accurate characterization of reservoir heterogeneities and, consequently, for better field development planning.

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