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ABSTRACT: Some Effects of Groundwater Discharge Through Mount Enterprise Fault Zone on Surface Water Composition in Southern Rusk County, Texas

Steven Roy Reiner, M. C. Crocker

The Mount Enterprise fault zone increases vertical permeability of groundwater resources in southern Rusk County, Texas. Groundwater discharges through the fault zone and affects the chemical composition of small streams.

Fault-related springs prove that groundwater migrates vertically upward along the faults. The chemical characteristics of fault-related springs differentiate them from perched water table springs and identify their groundwater source. The radon content of springs results from the radioactive content of their source rocks and surrounding sediment.

Water composition of major streams is unaffected by groundwater discharge. Groundwater input does alter the chemical composition of small streams. Two small streams change in iron, radon, and ionic ratios due to fault zone discharge. The percentage of groundwater seepage from the fault zone to total stream flow at these sites is 5-14%. Other small streams are affected by effluent groundwaters but not necessarily from the fault zone.

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