--> --> ABSTRACT: Seismic Velocity Models for Heat Zones in Athabasca Tar Sands, by L. R. Lines, J. D. Covey; #91003 (1990).
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ABSTRACT: Seismic Previous HitVelocityNext Hit Models for Heat Zones in Athabasca Tar Sands

L. R. Lines, J. D. Covey

Recent studies indicate that the acoustical Previous HitvelocityNext Hit within Athabasca tar sands decreases as temperature increases due to steam injection. Time variant Previous HitvelocityNext Hit models are derived form the seismic traveltime arrivals of both reflection and borehole data. The model's layer depths are established by using image-ray modeling of traveltimes prior to steam injection. The changes in Previous HitvelocityNext Hit due to steam injection are modeled by using traveltime data from a monitor survey after steam injection. The Previous HitvelocityNext Hit models are essentially determined by reflection traveltimes. The low-Previous HitvelocityNext Hit zones show a good correlation with the zones of expected temperature increase at the injector well positions. The results indicate that Previous HitvelocityTop models obtained from seismic traveltimes may prove u eful in detecting steam fronts in tar sands.

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