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ABSTRACT: Remotely Sensed Structural Controls on Heat Flow in the Devils Kitchen Area, South Central California: Implications for Geothermal Exploration

Gregory J. Bryan, E. Previous HitPaulTop Baumgartner, Ward Austin

Rigorous quantitative analysis of low-altitude high-sensitivity aeromagnetic data and black and white orthophotos has revealed a subtle yet pervasive set of structural relationships that appear to strongly influence temperature gradients and flow rates mapped from local geothermal production wells in the Devils Kitchen area. Surface mapped trends show systematic rotational relationships with trends mapped at depth, and recent unrotated fractures can be shown to cross-cut all elements of the structural grain. The statistical comparison of these elements along with the mapping of increased fracture porosity zones suggests a cost-effective way to determine future drilling locations.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #91003©1990 AAPG Annual Convention, San Francisco, California, June 3-6, 1990