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ABSTRACT: Interactive Geological Interpretation of the El Roble Oil Field, Eastern Venezuela Basin

Miguel Angel Briceno, Guillermo Martinez, Joffre Arud, Fernand Segura, Ana Salazar, Rosario Sifontes, Celia Bejarano

The El Noble oil field has been in production since May 1939, following the completion of RPN 1 well in the mid-section of the Oficina Formation. Seventy-three wells, 50% of which are producers, have been drilled as part of evaluation and appraisal-development programs.

Production comes mostly from the Tertiary Oficina and Merecure formations, whose cumulative production is 45.2 MMbbl of light and condensate oil, and 7494 bcf of gas.

To date, 158 reservoirs have been identified in more than 40 sand bodies. Over 120 wells have been drilled in the study area, which covers the El Roble field and its surroundings.

Due to the importance of the field as a supplier to the domestic gas market, Corpoven has decided to reevaluate the area through an integrated study which takes into account all available data, including lab and sedimentological analyses, petrophysical analyses, well logs, etc., all of which have been processed through the Intergraph Gipsie system. The Intergraph Gipsie system allows the handling of data and the generation of geological maps, sections, and graphs in a relatively short time using interactive routines, freeing the geologist for interpretations.

More than 40 sand beds were reevaluated and their oil and gas volumes estimated. Further corrections and updating should be easily handled through the system.

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