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ABSTRACT: Seismic Exploration of Ouachita Frontal Fairway, Southeastern Oklahoma

Allen J. Bertagne, Tim C. Leising

The Ouachita frontal fairway has been the site of considerable recent exploration and significant discoveries. Targets include Spiro and Wapanucka reservoirs on thrusted structures, and deeper Arbuckle carbonates on fault-bounded blocks. Because of the tectonic complexity of the area, favorable trends and prospects are defined using modern seismic data.

High quality seismic data requires careful acquisition and processing. Acquisition should aim to minimize skips, to maintain a close group interval, and to record data on far offsets. In processing, migration velocities must be selected carefully because they affect apparent size of a structure. Interpretation should be based on simultaneous examination of migrated and unmigrated sections. Sections exhibiting sideswipe should be interpreted with caution.

Recently acquired seismic data illustrates the structural style and exploration challenges of the Ouachita frontal fairway.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #91003©1990 AAPG Annual Convention, San Francisco, California, June 3-6, 1990