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Use of Sequence Stratigraphy to Define Stratigraphic Plays in Upper Pennsylvanian and Lower Permian Lowstand Previous HitSystemsNext Hit Previous HitTractsNext Hit, North-Central Texas

L. F. Brown, Jr.

Sequence stratigraphic interpretation of the Virgilian and Wolfcampian Series, Eastern shelf and adjacent Midland basin, provides new insight into stratigraphic-Previous HittrapNext Hit potential in this intensively drilled cratonic basin. Research and application of depositional sequence and Previous HitsystemsNext Hit tract concepts, derived from seismic-stratigraphic analyses of worldwide passive-margin basins, provide new interpretive models to support significant reexploration of this and similar basins. Recognition, correlation, and mapping of 16 third-order, mostly type 1 cyclic sequences permit delineation of possible new stratigraphic-Previous HittrapNext Hit plays within lowstand depositional Previous HitsystemsNext Hit Previous HittractsNext Hit. Application of these concepts provides a new perspective of basins in which most traditional plays have been explo ted.

Analysis of 22,000 mi2, based on 2,000 mi of cross sections, 5,000 wells, and extensive outcrop data, clearly delineates sequences composed of (1) lowstand incised valley, deltaic, leveed slope, and basin-floor fan Previous HittractsNext Hit, (2) retrogradational (transgressive) shelf carbonate Previous HittractsNext Hit, and (3) highstand fan-deltaic, fluvial-deltaic, and interdeltaic Previous HittractsNext Hit. Paleogeographic maps of the terrigenous Previous HitsystemsNext Hit Previous HittractsNext Hit document a cyclic depositional history of the region controlled by combined tectonism and eustasy. The sequence model infers lowstand plays composed of coastal-onlap pinch-out of deltaic Previous HitsystemsNext Hit basinward of shelf edges, incised valley and submarine canyon-fill traps, and basin-floor fans related to canyon erosion. Results of several decades of research on terrigenous d positional Previous HitsystemsTop in this region, when combined with rapidly evolving ideas derived from seismic sequence analysis, may provide a renewed thrust for stratigraphic prospecting in north-central Texas.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #91026©1989 AAPG Southwest Section, March 19-21, 1989, San Angelo, Texas.