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Computer-Aided Analysis and Mapping of Devonian Shales in Southeastern Ohio--Production and Geology

Lawrence H. Wickstrom

The Ohio Division of Geological Survey, under a contract from the Gas Research Institute, has constructed digital data bases of all Devonian shale wells within a five-county area of southeastern Ohio. These data bases contain all basic permit and completion, geologic, and production data available to the Survey for wells that penetrate the shales within Lawrence, Meigs, Washington, Monroe, and Noble Counties. Of particular interest to mapping and production analysis is the information on formation tops, production, perforation intervals, and stimulation types. For mapping purposes, additional control points from surrounding areas are also included.

Data base editing, manipulation, and statistical analysis are performed on personal computers. Use of PCs allows for fast and easy data handling and graphic representation. Once the data are properly configured, they are uploaded to the master data base in the larger mini-computer for permanent storage and mapping analysis.

Utilizing an Intergraph dual-screen graphics workstation and interactive geologic software, data from over 3,000 wells were treated for mapping. Within this interactive environment, the geologist is free to construct the maps and cross sections using his/her own imagination and intuition, while retaining the speed, accuracy, and flexibility of the computer. Examples of the work flow, problems encountered, and final products should prove helpful to those involved in, or contemplating, computer-aided geologic analysis.

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