--> --> ABSTRACT: Acquisition Parameters for Shallow Seismic Data in West Virginia, by Stewart T. Taylor; #91031 (2010)
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Acquisition Parameters for Shallow Seismic Previous HitDataNext Hit in West Virginia

Stewart T. Taylor

Tests of the Bison Instruments' Elastic Wave Generator (EWG) and Bison Instruments' Geopro 12-channel seismograph have been conducted in northern Lewis County, West Virginia. The seismic source used in these tests was an accelerated weight-drop mechanism (elastic wave generator) mounted on a light-weight trailer. The series of tests conducted near Weston, West Virginia, includes several types of walkaway noise tests as well as the acquisition of several Previous HitcommonNext Hit Previous HitoffsetNext Hit seismic profiles.

The seismic Previous HitdataNext Hit gathered in the study area have been analyzed for frequency content and other waveform attributes. The bandwidth of Previous HitdataNext Hit gathered in the study area depends on the type of geophones used, as well as the analog filters that can be invoked in the seismograph. In general, frequency content ranges from 10 to 110 Hz, although the use of geophone arrays and different types of geophones modifies the amplitude of various frequencies.

Forward modeling of a complete subsurface stratigraphic cross section, using program AIMS, has been compared with the seismic Previous HitdataNext Hit. The match of the actual seismic Previous HitdataNext Hit and the synthetic seismograms from the forward modeling procedure is good for strata of the Pennsylvanian System. However, portions of the seismic trace resulting from reflections in the Greenbrier Limestone are considered to be anomalous due to the somewhat atypical transition of facies in the overlying "Little Lime."

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