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Real-Time Structural Modeling

James H. Johnson, Previous HitPaulTop J. Wagenhofer

This paper describes a 2-D seismic modeling software program that is fast, accurate, user-friendly, and easy to understand. The program produces a depth-velocity model that has a synthetic time response that is compatible with the real seismic data: as the interpreter draws a boundary in depth, the computer instantaneously overlays that boundary's synthetic time response on the unmigrated seismic interpretation. By watching the overlay, instantaneous adjustments can be made so that obtaining a perfect match becomes a hand-eye coordination task. Any portion of the overlay display can be enlarged to obtain greater accuracy. Boundaries can be "erased" and redrawn until a satisfactory match is achieved. This program allows one to do in an hour what it takes a day to weeks to o with conventional modeling programs. The resulting velocity model (depth cross section) can then be used to depth-migrate the seismic section to obtain more detail. The use of this program is demonstrated for a synthetic data example. A synopsis of the algorithm is presented and limitations of the program are discussed. The oral presentation will include a real-data example and an example of the program's option to model migrated seismic data.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #91038©1987 AAPG Annual Convention, Los Angeles, California, June 7-10, 1987.