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Computer-Based Exploration, a Non-Algorithmic Approach

Ben T. Robertson, Steve W. Hanna

Major oil and gas companies have historically spent a great deal of time, money, and effort developing state-of-the-art algorithms to do their processing. Equally important, though often neglected, is managing the data that support those algorithms. Not being able to access data easily or, worse yet, not even knowing the data are available is inexcusable with today's technology.

At Chevron Canada Resources Limited, we have developed a fully integrated information system to facilitate both explorationists and exploitationists in their everyday work. Conceptually and functionally one data base, the system is composed of: (1) land: lease and license information (proprietary and government); (2) seismic: survey and observer data (wholly proprietary); and (3) wells: general information, picks, tests, etc (mainly commercial).

Using data management principles coupled with data base technology, we are developing the tools necessary for our geoscientists to get the information they need. Tools that allow explorationists to obtain information in a manner most meaningful to them geographically! The information can be accessed in a variety of ways, for not only has the data and applications been integrated but the hardware as well.

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