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Simulation of Carbonate Depositional Response to Nutrient Supply, Sunlight, Temperature, Salinity, Oxygen, Sea Level, and Tectonism

E. Dromgoole, C. G. ST. C. Kendall, I. Lerche, D. Scaturo, L. M. Walter

This simulation is designed to reduce risk in predicting carbonate depositional facies and geometry in terms of the quantitative controls listed in the title. The simulation reproduces the general 2-D geometric response of carbonates (independent of facies type) to variations in (1) eustatic sea level movement, (2) movement of the substrate caused by compaction, isostacy, and tectonism, and (3) variations in rates of accumulation in response to changes in nutrient supply, sunlight, salinity, temperature, and oxygen content. It reproduces the three major geometric carbonate exploration plays: sheet carbonates; build-ups of the shelf, slope, and basin; and the break-in-slope clinoforms. It tracks these plays as they accumulate through a series of iterative time steps determ ning the effects of stresses induced when the carbonates (1) keep pace with relative sea level change, (2) start up slowly, but catch up with sea level change, and (3) drown.

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