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John A. Pederson

Recognition of imperfect knowledge or data defining the existence, quantity, and extent of recovery of various fuel/energy commodities is and has been well known throughout the industry.

A series of recent events has resulted in an increased awareness for the need to develop more effective and efficient methods of obtaining, distributing, and utilizing such data. Accordingly more groups are reviewing and commenting on the data, knowledge of existence, quantity, and recovery of fuel/energy commodities.

This symposium, in recognition of this problem, has been organized to portray user needs and state of the art techniques for obtaining and supplying data on fuel/energy commodities. Selected individuals have been asked to represent various groups of users of these data; to identify the group they represent, their need for data, and how they use these data. Similarly, persons representing suppliers of these data have been asked to advise as to state of the art techniques for obtaining and supplying data on existence, quantity, and resource recovery data.

These presentations provide a basis for assessing energy programs in light of the availability of necessary data.

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