--> --> Abstract: "Strat-Seis"--Simple Explanation with Field Examples, by W. E. Laing; #90968 (1977).
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W. E. Laing

The geophysical industry rapidly is pursuing methods to detect stratigraphic traps. Today the geologist must become familiar with modeling techniques and the approaches used to obtain "log" Previous HitdataNext Hit from seismic traces. Without mathematics a simple explanation is possible for the cycle from subsurface geology to sonic log to synthetic seismic trace and the reverse from Previous HitfieldNext Hit tract to synthetic sonic log to subsurface geology. This cycle provides the basic material for modeling subsurface and seismic Previous HitdataNext Hit to predict drilling results. Modeling results for a carbonate section, a sand "dim spot," and the Morrow sandstone "bright spot" of the Geary area of Oklahoma show the possibilities of the "strat-seis" approach.

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