--> --> Abstract: Computer Processing of LANDSAT Data for Geologic Investigations, by David C. Crane, Paul M. Junemann; #90968 (1977).

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Abstract: Computer Processing of LANDSAT Data for Geologic Investigations

David C. Crane, Paul M. Junemann

The value of LANDSAT satellite data in geologic investigations is now generally accepted in both petroleum and mineral exploration. The principal method of utilizing LANDSAT data has been through black and white or false-color images, used in a manner similar to aerial photographs. The primary information obtained from LANDSAT data has been structural trends as indicated by lineaments and circular features. Some attempts at lithologic differentiation and identification have been made using the tonal variations of the various spectral-band images. The success of using LANDSAT data for either structural or lithologic studies depends in part on the quality of the image. Computer enhancement of LANDSAT data can greatly improve images which display much more information than a nonenhanced image. In addition to image enhancement, the techniques of information extraction are now highly developed digital computer applications. The techniques of spectral-band ratioing, clustering, supervised and unsupervised classification, pattern recognition, and other statistical operations have been applied to LANDSAT data with positive results.

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