--> --> Abstract: Stretching the Seismic Dollar, by G. L. Scott; #90971 (1976).
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Abstract: Stretching the Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Dollar

G. L. Scott

The primary purpose in presenting this paper is to emphasize that in Previous HitseismicNext Hit prospecting one must be able to arrive at a logical answer using the least expensive, reliable method for defining Previous HitseismicNext Hit prospects. A discussion of the history of Previous HitseismicNext Hit prospecting, use of previously recorded Previous HitseismicNext Hit data, with a summary of advanced Previous HitseismicNext Hit techniques will be given.

Many of the basins in the Rocky Mountains will be reviewed with an outline of the recommended Previous HitseismicNext Hit methods suited to each of these basins. I shall attempt to illustrate how the seismologist and geologist can use the Previous HitseismicTop part of their exploration budget most effectively in each of these basins and in each new prospect or area of interest they encounter.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90971©1976 AAPG-SEPM Rocky Mountain Sections 25th Annual Meeting, Billings, Montana