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Abstract: New Pelecypod Species from Lower Cretaceous near Kerrville, Texas

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Three new pelecypods from the Lower Cretaceous, Ceratomya kerrvillensis, Gresslya sp. A, and Pleuromya ingramensis have been described from the basal nodular member of the Fort Terrett Formation (Fredericksburg Group) near Kerrville, Texas. All of the specimens are internal molds. Fillings of extremely deep anterior muscle scars produced a distinctive protrusion on the molds of Ceratomya and Gresslya. A variation in the overall dimensions of Ceratomya suggests the possibility of several subspecies. A raised posterodorsal margin along the hinge line and pronounced grooves along the dorsal side are characteristic of the species of Pleuromya. This is the first identified record of these genera in North America.

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