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Abstract: USGS-AAPG Digitized Oil and Gas Previous HitFieldNext Hit Map of North America--Status Report

William W. Mallory

The USGS-AAPG digitized oil and gas Previous HitfieldNext Hit map of North America is an ongoing cooperative project closely associated with the U.S. Geological Survey's Petroleum Previous HitDataNext Hit System, a computerized oil and gas pool Previous HitdataNext Hit bank. The objectives of the project are multiple. The nominal product is an oil and gas Previous HitfieldNext Hit map of North America to be published by the survey at a scale of 1:5,000,000.

The unique aspect of this project is that Previous HitfieldNext Hit images are digitized and filed with the Petroleum Previous HitDataNext Hit System, thus allowing Previous HitfieldNext Hit images to be retrieved in any projection at any scale on a TV screen or in hard copy using any of the pool parameters in the system. This capability allows a wide variety of visual exhibits. For Previous HitexampleNext Hit, fields can be displayed by age of producing formation, by discovery method, by size groups, or by type of trap. The images so retrieved then can be overlaid upon any useful type of base map. Thus, all the fields which produce from Lower Cretaceous rocks of Colorado could be superposed on a map showing the lithofacies and thickness of these strata.

Nearly all the manuscript state maps are complete. Editing, drafting, and digitization are under way. The oil and gas Previous HitfieldNext Hit map of Michigan has been completed and the computer capabilities of this Previous HitexampleNext Hit are on display at the U.S. Geological Survey exhibit at this meeting.

The rapidity with which oil and gas information may be retrieved and the versatility of selection and combination of Previous HitdataTop will provide a new tool for domestic oil and gas explorationists.

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