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AAPG Foundation 2019 Grants-in-Aid Projects

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Hyperspectral Outcrop Modeling as an Previous HitAnalogNext Hit for Subsurface Reservoir Characterization of the STACK Play, Oklahoma.


Identifying and quantifying optimal landing zones within unconventional plays is crucial to maximizing economic returns. These optimal zones commonly correspond to “sweet spot” facies with specific mineralogies, which in turn have lateral and vertical heterogeneity. While outcrop Previous HitanalogNext Hit studies have been traditionally utilized to elucidate complex subsurface reservoirs, these studies are commonly constrained by a limited amount of data given both the time intensive nature of conventional field techniques, as well as the inaccessibility of high outcrop walls. To address these limitations and attempt to provide a robust Previous HitanalogNext Hit model we propose the use of 3D drone hyperspectral imaging that can accurately quantify the quality and spatial positioning of mineralogic facies at the outcrop scale. To further investigate, four quarry outcrops in northeastern Oklahoma were selected for their age and lithologic equivalence to the central Oklahoma unconventional STACK play. The STACK Play is a colloquial term referring to the supergroup of hydrocarbon bearing Mississippian age mixed carbonates housed within the Anadarko basin. Supplementary collection of measured section, Gamma ray, XRF and petrographic analysis, will be used to document lithology, sedimentary structures, and diagenetic features as well as validate the results of the hyperspectral data. Using traditional drone photogrammetry techniques, we will build 3D outcrop models which will then be imported into Petrel as the base map for a geocellular model populated with the facies data from the hyperspectral imaging and outcrop work. This study seeks not only to provide an Previous HitanalogNext Hit model for the STACK but to improve the utility of outcrop Previous HitanalogTop models with the use of cutting-edge geospatial technology.