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Explorations in TOC for Assessment of CO2 Storage and Enhanced Gas Recovery for the Middle Devonian Marcellus and Upper Ordovician Utica Shales for the Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership


The potential for carbon storage and enhanced gas recovery in the Middle Devonian Marcellus and Upper Ordovician Utica organic-rich shales in the Appalachian Basin is being investigated using methods developed during investigation of the Upper Devonian Ohio Shale. Laboratory analysis of core and well cuttings provides baseline data for modeling TOC content in shale. In general, continuous resource plays exhibit relationships between measured TOC and wireline log data. TOC is in turn related to gas content and storage capacity. Wireline-based petrophysical models for estimating TOC have been proposed by many authors, but choice and application of a model depends on data availability. Only those based on total gamma-ray and bulk-density log data were used in this study, because they are most regionally available.