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Pilot Scale CO2 EOR Project in Upper Mississippian Formation at Wellington Field in Southern Kansas


A DOE sponsored pilot-scale project has been funded in which 30,000 metric tons of CO2 will be injected in the upper part of the Mississippian reservoir to verify CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) potential at Berexco Wellington field in Sumner County, KS. Wellington Field represents a typical Mississippian reservoir with very well documented production/injection history, proven performance, pressure and temperature conditions, oil gravity, etc. Therefore, this field is ideal for a test pilot CO2 EOR. The main objective of this work is to evaluate reservoir properties, perform history matching of reservoir production and water flood, predict reservoir response, evaluate possible risks, and to propose the best CO2 EOR scenario for the Mississippian reservoir at Wellington Field. Another objective is to test the feasibility for the CO2 EOR of the larger scale. Multicomponent 3D seismic (depth migrated and shear wave) interpretations are being incorporated with the log and core data to produce a detailed 3D geological model. Model incorporated 25 old Neutron density and resistivity logs, 16 complete suites of resistivity and porosity logs, and two new wells with a full set of modern logs. Core was collected from the KGS # 1–32 well. Water and oil properties data was also collected from a number of wells. The data from this model was upscaled to produce a CMG compositional model, which is used to predict the reservoir performance for the CO2 flood, scheduled in May, 2015.