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Distribution of Missourian Age Granite Wash Reservoirs in northeastern Wheeler County, Texas


Subsurface mapping of Missourian age reservoirs in the Cottage Grove and Hogshooter Wash intervals reveals excellent correlation of oil and gas production to discrete sandstone/conglomerate packages. The sandstone and/conglomerate intervals were derived from the adjacent Amarillo-Wichita uplift to the southwest of the study area. They were deposited in well-defined lobate trends that grade into siltstone and shale basinward to the northeast. Petroleum has been trapped in the clastic reservoirs by lateral gradation into shale or siltstone and by significant vertical fault along the southwest margin of the play area. These reservoirs have recently been exploited by over 250 horizontal wells along with 75 previously completed vertical wells. To date these wells have produced more than 22 MMBO and 99 BCFG.